AR Emoji VS Animoji?

Samsung launches AR Emoji to challenge Apple’s Animoji?
It looks like a joke. If Samsung can not upgrade on handset hardware, AR Emoji is vulnerable to Animoji.
We are making quick face reconstruction based on Apple’s TrueDepth technology, just like AR Emoji.
Soon everyone will know how big the difference is.

三星推出AR Emoji想挑战苹果的Animoji?
看起来这是个笑话。如果三星不能在手机硬件上升级,AR Emoji在Animoji面前不堪一击。
我们正在基于苹果的TrueDepth技术,制作人脸扫描快速重建功能,就像AR Emoji。

The world’s first unofficial Animoji APP in the App Store using the Truedepth technology of the iPhone® X

We developed this software, using truedepth technology!

We were surprised at the new Apple technology we found during the development process!
truedepth technology will really change a lot of our existing stuff.
We are working on using it to quickly build a real face model and use it on our app.
If you are interested, take a look at our APP – ARmoji X.